Rent house in Provence

Charles Louis La Salle, peintre et sculpteur

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Paris Match

Aragon: The painter LA SALLE, my third shock after encountering Matisse and Picasso. "And now in my twilight years, I am perhaps the first person offered the opportunity to pay homage to this marvel that I thought could only be possible in one's extreme youth, this dazzling universe, the painting of Charles-Louis LA SALLE..."

Colette Porlier 18.03.1977

L'Humanité : 

At the present time, he can only dream of stairs... Cages cannot be built to contain shoulders as broad as these.

Aragon 03.03.1977

Le Figaro : 

...It's a celebration, a glorification of the human muscle. A hymn to virile strength. Strength and muscle launch their attack on the skies. Slowly moving up a monumental flight of stairs, they seek new forms of happiness.

Claude L’Houmeau 12.03.1977

Nouvel Observateur : 

Here the human body regains its rights but in a structured manner, whirling about in sheets, in strips of pale fabric as rigid as metal.


Le Matin : 

His virile busts proudly spread the envelopes of their muscles, his stairs cross the space of a stage from a great Tragedy of Antiquity


L'Oeil : 

The works of Charles-Louis LA SALLE release a strange force, a mystical blend of strength and tenderness. His work moves towards unreal characters whose bodies are nothing more than envelopes. The colour blue of his paintings bathes them in celestial light...


Libération : 

The stage is there, but without anyone ever knowing what happened there or what will happen. The underlying force is King; the expectation is Queen; Mystery and Dream play and win.


Le Point : is surprised by this smooth painting, these muscle structures made up of sharply defined layers, these bluish mazes lit by bolts of lightening. Undeniably, this is painter with a future.

H. Demoriane 31.03.1977

Figaro Magazine : 

"LA SALLE: A cubiste painting the Sixtine - a painter for poets."

Véronique Prat 21.03.1982

Gai Pied : 

...In shades dreamt of to shuffle the cards in a subtle game devoted to the glory of virile beauty...for LA SALLE loves MAN---unconditionally.


Art Sud : 

... An initiatic challenge in the creation between life and survival...
....A crossroads in the paradise of jubilation.

Salvatore Lombardo 04.2000